LUCIFER control software: an OO approach using CORBA technology


In this paper we present the design of the control software for the LBT NIR spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral- Field Unit for Extragalactic Research (LUCIFER) which is one of the first-light instruments for the Large Bin-ocular Telescope (LBT) on Mt. Graham, Arizona. The LBT will be equipped with two identical LUCIFER instruments for both mirrors. Furthermore we give an overview of the intended hardware structure of the instrument. Since the project requires a detailed and exact modeling of the software we present UML diagrams starting with an overall model down to use case, activity and class diagrams including an example for one special instrument unit.


Research Groups: Astroinformatics

Publication type: Journal

Citation: SPIE Proceedings 4848 : 387

Date Published: 13th Dec 2002

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Authors: Marcus Jütte, Kai L. Polsterer, Michael Lehmitz, Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar

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