A research data management (RDM) community for ELIXIR

        Research data management (RDM) is central to the implementation of the FAIR (Findable Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and Open Science principles. Recognising the importance of RDM, ELIXIR Platforms and Nodes have invested in RDM and launched various projects and initiatives to ensure good data management practices for scientific excellence. These projects have resulted in a rich set of tools and resources highly valuable for FAIR data management. However, these resources remain scattered across projects and ELIXIR structures, making their dissemination and application challenging. Therefore, it becomes imminent to coordinate these efforts for sustainable and harmonised RDM practices with dedicated forums for RDM professionals to exchange knowledge and share resources. The proposed ELIXIR RDM Community will bring together RDM experts to develop ELIXIR’s vision and coordinate its activities, taking advantage of the available assets. It aims to coordinate RDM best practices and illustrate how to use the existing ELIXIR RDM services. The Community will be built around three integral pillars, namely, a network of RDM professionals, RDM knowledge management and RDM training expertise and resources. It will also engage with external stakeholders to leverage benefits and provide a forum to RDM professionals for regular knowledge exchange, capacity building and development of harmonised RDM practices, keeping in line with the overall scope of the RDM Community. In the short term, the Community aims to build upon the existing resources and ensure that the content of these remain up to date and fit for purpose. In the long run, the Community will aim to strengthen the skills and knowledge of its RDM professionals to support the emerging needs of the scientific community. The Community will also devise an effective strategy to engage with other ELIXIR structures and international stakeholders to influence and align with developments and solutions in the RDM field.

SEEK ID: https://publications.h-its.org/publications/1829

DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.146301.1

Research Groups: Scientific Databases and Visualisation

Publication type: Journal

Journal: F1000Research

Citation: F1000Res 13:230

Date Published: 2024

Registered Mode: by DOI

Authors: Flora D'Anna, Niclas Jareborg, Mijke Jetten, Minna Ahokas, Pinar Alper, Robert Andrews, Korbinian Bösl, Teresa D’Altri, Daniel Faria, Nazeefa Fatima, Siiri Fuchs, Clare Garrard, Wei Gu, Katharina F. Heil, Yvonne Kallberg, Flavio Licciulli, Nils-Christian Lübke, Ana M. P. Melo, Ivan Mičetić, Jorge Oliveira, Anastasis Oulas, Patricia M. Palagi, Krzysztof Poterlowicz, Xenia Perez-Sitja, Patrick Ruch, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Helena Schnitzer, Celia van Gelder, Thanasis Vergoulis, Daniel Wibberg, Ulrike Wittig, Brane Leskošek, Jiri Vondrasek, Munazah Andrabi

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D'Anna, F., Jareborg, N., Jetten, M., Ahokas, M., Alper, P., Andrews, R., Bösl, K., D’Altri, T., Faria, D., Fatima, N., Fuchs, S., Garrard, C., Gu, W., Heil, K. F., Kallberg, Y., Licciulli, F., Lübke, N.-C., Melo, A. M. P., Mičetić, I., … Andrabi, M. (2024). A research data management (RDM) community for ELIXIR. In F1000Research (Vol. 13, p. 230). F1000 Research Ltd. https://doi.org/10.12688/f1000research.146301.1

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