Implementation Techniques for SPMD Kernels on CPUs

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DOI: 10.1145/3585341.3585342

Research Groups: Data Mining and Uncertainty Quantification

Publication type: Journal

Journal: International Workshop on OpenCL

Book Title: International Workshop on OpenCL

Publisher: ACM

Citation: International Workshop on OpenCL,pp.1-12,ACM

Date Published: 18th Apr 2023

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Authors: Joachim Meyer, Aksel Alpay, Sebastian Hack, Holger Fröning, Vincent Heuveline

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Meyer, J., Alpay, A., Hack, S., Fröning, H., & Heuveline, V. (2023). Implementation Techniques for SPMD Kernels on CPUs. In International Workshop on OpenCL. IWOCL '23: International Workshop on OpenCL. ACM.

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