Ten Simple Rules for FAIR Sharing of Experimental and Clinical Data with the Modeling Community

      Science continues to become more interdisciplinary and to involve increasingly complex data sets. Many projects in the biomedical and health-related sciences follow or aim to follow the principles of FAIR data sharing, which has been demonstrated to foster collaboration, to lead to better research outcomes, and to help ensure reproducibility of results. Data generated in the course of biomedical and health research present specific challenges for FAIR sharing in the sense that they are heterogeneous and highly sensitive to context and the needs of protection and privacy. Data sharing must respect these features without impeding timely dissemination of results, so that they can contribute to time-critical advances in medical therapy and treatment. Modeling and simulation of biomedical processes have become established tools, and a global community has been developing algorithms, methodologies, and standards for applying biomedical simulation models in clinical research. However, it can be difficult for clinician scientists to follow the specific rules and recommendations for FAIR data sharing within this domain. We seek to clarify the standard workflow for sharing experimental and clinical data with the simulation modeling community. By following these recommendations, data sharing will be improved, collaborations will become more effective, and the FAIR publication and subsequent reuse of data will become possible at the level of quality necessary to support biomedical and health-related sciences.

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Date Published: 19th Nov 2021

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Authors: Matthias König, Jan Grzegorzewski, Martin Golebiewski, Henning Hermjakob, Mike Hucka, Brett Olivier, Sarah Keating, David Nickerson, Falk Schreiber, Rahuman Sheriff, Dagmar Waltemath

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König, M., Grzegorzewski, J., Golebiewski, M., Hermjakob, H., Hucka, M., Olivier, B., Keating, S., Nickerson, D., Schreiber, F., Sheriff, R., & Waltemath, D. (2021). Ten Simple Rules for FAIR Sharing of Experimental and Clinical Data with the Modeling Community. In []. MDPI AG. https://doi.org/10.20944/preprints202108.0303.v2

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