Kinetic and structural roles for the surface in guiding SAS-6 self-assembly to direct centriole architecture


iscovering mechanisms governing organelle assembly is a fundamental pursuit in biology. The centriole is an evolutionarily conserved organelle with a signature 9-fold symmetrical chiral arrangement of microtubules imparted onto the cilium it templates. The first structure in nascent centrioles is a cartwheel, which comprises stacked 9-fold symmetrical SAS-6 ring polymers emerging orthogonal to a surface surrounding each resident centriole. The mechanisms through which SAS-6 polymerization ensures centriole organelle architecture remain elusive. We deploy photothermally-actuated off-resonance tapping high-speed atomic force microscopy to decipher surface SAS-6 self-assembly mechanisms. We show that the surface shifts the reaction equilibrium by ~104 compared to solution. Moreover, coarse-grained molecular dynamics and atomic force microscopy reveal that the surface converts the inherent helical propensity of SAS-6 polymers into 9-fold rings with residual asymmetry, which may guide ring stacking and impart chiral features to centrioles and cilia. Overall, our work reveals fundamental design principles governing centriole assembly.


PubMed ID: 34702818

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-26329-1

Research Groups: Molecular Biomechanics

Publication type: Journal

Journal: Nature Communications

Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC

Citation: Nat Commun,12(1):6180.

Date Published: 26th Oct 2021


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Authors: Niccolò Banterle, Adrian P. Nievergelt, Svenja de Buhr, Georgios N. Hatzopoulos, Charlène Brillard, Santiago Andany, Tania Hübscher, Frieda A. Sorgenfrei, Ulrich S. Schwarz, Frauke Gräter, Georg E. Fantner, Pierre Gönczy

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Banterle, N., Nievergelt, A. P., de Buhr, S., Hatzopoulos, G. N., Brillard, C., Andany, S., Hübscher, T., Sorgenfrei, F. A., Schwarz, U. S., Gräter, F., Fantner, G. E., & Gönczy, P. (2021). Kinetic and structural roles for the surface in guiding SAS-6 self-assembly to direct centriole architecture. In Nature Communications (Vol. 12, Issue 1). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.

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